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    Sep 11, 2019
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New Zealand is a sovereign island country with magnificent beauty. This is a magnificent spot to learn English, enjoy nature and go mountain-skiing. New Zealand is a developed country with high ranks in comparisons of national performance such as quality of life, protection of civil liberties, economic freedom etc. the country is represented by Europeans and Maoris. As New Zealand being a country with several opportunities will attract people with high ambitions. Many people tend to move in and out of the country seeking chances in various fields. New Zealand certificate attestation is the process of verifying documents of people who is traveling to foreign countries for acquiring different needs.

 Attestation is a very important process if you want to travel internationally and get done your work; study etc. New Zealand certificate attestation is a mandatory process for any document of New Zealand origin. There are several procedures for New Zealand certificate attestation. There are different types of certificate attestation, which are educational certificate attestation, non-educational certificate attestation and commercial certificate attestation. Educational certificate attestation consist of the degree certificate attestation, diploma certificate attestation, SSLC certificate attestation etc. non-educational certificate attestation is in other words personal document attestation which includes birth certificate attestation, death certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation etc. commercial certificate attestation is of attestation  of documents related to trading, business, financial matters, for example certificate of incorporation, certificate of origin, invoices etc. The verification of any of these documents has to be done to be eligible to travel to foreign countries. Different types of certificate attestation have different purposes.

Purposes of New Zealand certificate attestation:

Educational documents:

·        To get higher education.

·        To get employment visa.

·        To appear for different examinations.

Non-educational documents:

·        To get resident visa.

·        To attain admissions for children.

·        To get family visa.

Commercial documents:

·        To start up business.

·        To open bank account.

·        For use of inheritance.

·        For trading purposes.

Procedures for New Zealand certificate attestation:

·        Notary

·        Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (New Zealand)

·        Embassy Attestation (New Zealand)

·         MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) destination country.

The documents undergo attestation from the above mentioned authorities to complete New Zealand certificate attestation. Seal and signature is put on the required documents, and then it is considered legitimate in foreign countries. Differences in documents require depends on the form of certificate attestation need to be done. Original certificate and passport copy are important document required in the New Zealand certificate attestation. The accessibility of certificates in foreign countries can be increased by New Zealand certificate attestation.
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